Grilled and grilled meats

If you like meat you like El Gamonal Restaurante

El Gamonal Restaurante Entrecot Parrilla Marbella

Taste the best grilled meats in Marbella

T-bone steak, entrecôte, sirloin, kid, lamb. Which one do you want today?

Prepare knife and fork because every day is meat day at El Gamonal Restaurante Let no carnivore self-respecting must be missed!
Sink your teeth into chops, ribs, lamb, suckling pig, pork, Creole sausage, loin, fan, chicken… Succulent right?

If you fancy a good meat, you fancy El Gamonal Restaurante!

The specialty of our restaurant is grilled and grilled meats. For this reason, sit down and enjoy a good suckling lamb from burgos or a special Rib Eye Steak (cut from the upper part of the beef ribs< /em>, specifically between the 6th and 12th). And let us recommend a good Rioja or Ribera wine from our select wine list.

Barbaoa Exterior - EL Gamonal Restaurante Marbella

We already have the grill on. You just have to book!

Ribeye and Entrecote: The restaurant's specialty

Sirloin and kid, grilled and braised meats!

Your mouth will water with our great selection of high quality grilled beef ribs. Pork tenderloins or lamb chops. Seasoned with Roquefort sauce, pepper or bearnaise sauce; emulsified based on butter and egg yolk, seasoned with aromatic herbs). Also enjoy a tasty roasted or grilled suckling pig.

Imagine a delicious roast lamb in a nice restaurant in Marbella. You see us!

El Gamonal Restaurante Carnes Marbella

Meat lovers have your temple in El Gamonal Restaurante de Marbella. We speak your language carnivore and we have the best pieces of meat of the highest quality, ready to go All grilled meat!


For more information or reservations: 952 789 921 / 638 05 81 36


Av. Lorenzo Morito Romero S/N, San Pedro de Alcántara

For more information or reservations:

952 789 921 / 638 05 81 36



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